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Display problems with multi-monitors under linux



I'm attempting to run the linux version, and all I get is the lower-left corner of the display output on my monitor (meaning I get a full-screen display, but the full screen is only showing the lower left portion of the game). The mouse does not map to the display, so I cannot select any options (I have to kill the game with my window manager rather than with the game menu options). Portions that show only a quadrant include opening videos and initial game menu (cannot get past the menu).


I'm pretty sure this is multi-monitor related, because if I display on only one of my monitors, it appears to work correctly... but when I have my desktop across all four monitors, I only get 1/4 of the game.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Connect four (probably reproducible with less) monitors to your machine
  2. Set your desktop environment to use all monitors
  3. Start the game
  4. Game will show only a portion of the video output

Current workaround: Reduce desktop to a single screen, then start the game. Seriously annoying, but it works.


OS: Gentoo Linux with kernel 3.19.6 on a 64-bit architecture using 32-bit libraries for steam and games

Desktop Environment: KDE 4.14.3

GPU: GeForce GTX 780 using nvidia-drivers-349.16

RAM: 16 GB


Audio: Using ctxfi module

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Hey kshots,


I was able to reproduce this. It actually has nothing to do with the amount of screens you are using. This issue happens when you position one monitor above another. I've added this issue into our database and we will work towards a fix for a future patch.  

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