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Is it worth updating to 1.05 if you are about to finish the game?

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Hello all,



I did all companion quests, lots of sidequests,  all bounty quests, the whole stronghold, and I just need to fall a pit to meet Thaos ( when I was still leveling up I went down the pit and was surprised to meet Thaos). So my doubt is since I just need to face Thaos, is it worth updating the game just for that last fight?



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I wouldn't update it if I were you. 


Save the update for your next playthrough. I finished the game with launch version even though before I finished 1.03 was released. I wasn't experience game breaking bugs and I was already deep in the game so there was no reason to alter that playthrough.

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Why in the world would you not update? The patch doesn't affect your save game availability, you can keep going just like normal. And there's a lot of quality of life changes in 1.05.

Because it changes a lot of spells, scrolls etc. and it could kill a strategy I use for example. I finished the game then updated :).

I used the same strategy people use in the Adra Dragon fight, and it made the end fight a breeze.


Now I wanna play my second round :)

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