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Triple Crown Build Suggestions

pillars of eternity triple crown builds character

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Since PotD halves your camping supply limit, I was thinking they might be useful.


Picking up Fast Runner definitely for my ranged puller.



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PoTD is 2, just like Hard. It depends on how much you need to rest normally - if you're going back to the inn a lot, then I suppose.



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Are Field Triage and Wound Binding worth it?


Not really.  As you gain more health and endurance then those 30-40 points will always count for less and only delay the inevitable; resting.  At lower levels you'll mostly be resting to regain your per rest spells and abilities and field triage and wound binding will be very situational.  If it would scale with level it might be worth taking but I'd rather spend my abilities on something that benefits my characters from not getting hurt in the first place.



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Any suggestions for good Battlemage hireling build for Triple Crown post 1.05 for offtanking with self buffs also focusing on debuffing and one or two schools of magic ( fire for aoe and corrode for drain for example), frontline will be fighter maintank and chanter+battlemage offtanks? what attributes to go , thinking to dump Con to 3  and max resolve ,  not sure about the rest especially dexterity and perception , might and int i guess should be very high or maxed too. Fire GodLike race , 

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