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So, community, will you please help me with an unanswered question of mine (?):


Does using cheat, I roll 20s, command codes change the game history and/or it's ending in any way? Like, in: is there some ending(s) that is(are) only possible to achieve if you never use "IRoll20s" command ever in the game?


I take this opportunity to ask, please keeping spoiler free, how many different endings the game has and if there is any kind of "true ending" or "best ending of all" of any kind, please.



Thank you much for a the help.

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There is no evidence of any ending available to only vanilla or non-cheat using players. All endings can be achieved based on the choices made by the player, whether or not you use cheats or codes is mostly irrelevant. 


The only risk from cheats and codes, especially the more high end ones, is the always the risk of breaking the game. But that is highly unlikely if you know what you are doing. 


In short, using Iroll20s has no effect on what the end slides are. You do lose access to achievements on Steam, but if you do not care or if you already acquired those a sane person would, then you stand to lose nothing. 


You should, however, want to make sure you don't go to the end of the game with an orlan baby in your inventory ;)

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