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Something with VO sound?



I'm having an issue with the VO. Very often the "s" sounds in dialogue just seem really... sharp? If I wanted to dramatize I'd say it sounds like a nail scratching on a chalkboard. More noticeable with females, especially Grieving Mother. No issues with "c", "sh", "ch" and such. It's not even always present. For example from Grieving Mother's "So many questions, thoughts... whirling like storm winds..." the "so" and "storm" and even the first "s" in "questions" sound fine, but then I flinch with "questionSSS", "thoughtSSS", "windSSS".


I hear it even on youtube videos of PoE and I haven't found anyone mentioning similar issues, so it might be somehting with me, but I've never encountered this problem anywhere else.

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