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Wyrmund - at what level should I fight him?

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Alright yes, I beat it. Apart from activating Defender on Edér, I recommend you look over your wizards' grimoires. At the very least you should get rid of the "double memos", where ONE wizard has the same spell selected multiple times, I think that was the case with their level three spells. But of course you might also explore a different selection altogether.


As for tactics,


I sort of always imagined the door closing behind you as you enter, no doubt an assumption based on MMORPG raiding... but anyway it doesn't, and it helped a big deal to run out of the room and have Edér tank the doorway.


Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.

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Explanations and suggestions incoming.


Beginning with the tactic used to win, then suggestions for each character.


Basically, I ran the whole party out the door as soon as the battle began, then stacked up 2 chill fogs (spread out to cover a large area), followed by chucking fireballs into the room until everything died.  Grieving mother did literally nothing, Kana did literally nothing, Durance cast inspiring radiance, circle of protection, one iconic projection, and maybe one consecrated field.


Character suggestions


Eder-  Well, as previously mentioned, defender wasn't activated which is a big deal for your tank so get that turned on.  Bonuses from items don't stack, so that extra ring of protection is pretty useless, same with the gloves (they won't stack with the cloak).  Plate is superior to Brigandine hands down, so you'll want to pick some up (you have more than enough materials to enchant some plate to fine), it didn't matter to much though, Eder hardly even took any damage.  The Guan's Share flail isn't bad, but it's not Ruffian spec so it isn't your best option even if you want endurance drain, there is a stilleto in the same area that you fought Maerwald that also has endurance drain, I recommend you get it if you haven't sold it off already, it's on the big spider.  


Kana-  Your party has 4 squishies, I recommend you give Kana a shield and some tanking talents if you're going to use him, weapon/shield spec, superior deflection, hold the line, cautions attack, etc.  For his phrases, I recommend using "Lo, their endless host, the harbingers doom" (it's one of his default phrases), it frightens your opponents which reduces their accuracy.  The gun reload phrase is pretty good but your party may not take the best advantage of it.  You actually had him set to using his default phrase combination which sucks.  For his invocations, the only decent tier one invocation is the phantasm, there are a couple of good options from the tier 2 invocations, the 3 worm summon and the huge aoe paralyze.


Durance-  You can't really go wrong with priests, though you're using heavier armor than I usually do, that's alright if it's your preference.  As for spells to use for most battles, a few to keep in mind.


Tier 1-  Armor of Faith, whole team takes less damage.  Blessing, whole team has better accuracy (doesn't stack with inspiring radiance).  Withdraw, can save team members from certain doom, or when combined with consecrated ground can turn your priest into an invincible healing battery. 


Tier 2- Consecrated ground, the best healing spell, heals everyone around the priest for a long period of time.  Iconic projection, another great healing spell, can heal your whole team from a good distance away.  Divine mark, powerful deflection debuff + damage over time.  Repulsing seal, semi decent crowd control you can use against enemies around your tank in a pinch.


Grieving mother-  I recommend marksman, gunner, an arbalest, and the soldier weapon focus.  But marksman, your preferred ranged weapon, and the weapon focus it falls into will also work fine.  Mental binding is really a really great CC spell, you need to get it as soon as you can.  I tried to use her puppet mastery for your battle but it never went off properly, target died or something...


Your wizards-  Wizard spells are partly preference, I do enjoy using slicken which is missing from your tier 1 spells, and eldritch aim is great against high defense opponents which was also missing from your tier 1 spells.  Fan of flames + the scion of flame talent deep fries opponents at any point during the game, I noticed it wasn't equipped either.  


There are lots of good spells with plenty of tactical uses, read them all and experiment!  

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Don't forget to remove those duplicate deflection rings that Eder has, or address the fact that Kana has no chants prepared, other than the ones he came with- so he can never get enough to cast an invocation.


Have a very nice day.


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I managed to trick Wymund into suicide.




Wasn't so hard after all.




Your inventory is disgustingly clean. You really need more alternative weapons and armor. Also more scrolls.


You also want more crowd control for your casters. On top of that, invest in talents that boost the accuracy of those characters who rely on their weapons. In the end you probably want a weapon focus for everyone and for Durance his special Magranite talent.

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Yeah, I had no idea that is even possible. Foes in this game have very little regard for their own safety and will gleefully use AoE spells at point blank range.

In this case I simply gave Kana a Moonwell scroll and had him use Gaunt's Share one-handed. Not much Wymund can do about it once you got him engaged.

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As someone stated, starting position is not a problem. I place Eder and Kana up front. Its easy if you re-arrange the icons.


Have you actually tried that? Cause it doesn't work for me. My main character always ends up in front, no matter who I place in front in the custom formations, and no matter how I rearrange the character icons. Pretty bad, if you play an unarmoured rogue archer ...

Made a ]thread about it in the support section.


As for tactics:

I beat it by putting some plate armour on my rogue, which let her survive the fight despite being forced into a disastrous position by the game, and equipped each and every character with a slow-firing ranged weapon (arquebus, pistol, blunderbuss, arbalest). Let everyone attack wyrmund at the start of the fight, which will take off most of his HP (and a lucky arbalest shot might knock him down). Then you can swap to melee weapons with your tanks, and finish off wyrmund with spells/secondary ranged weapons with the rest of the group. Once he's down, the rest of the mobs shouldn't be too hard to kill.

I'm playing on hard, iirc. Might not work as well on the highest difficulty...

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