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Some Nits I Just Have to Pick (Spoilers Ahoy!)

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Overall, I really like this game (the Thorton, Inc. ending, in particular, is just sheer undiluted badass, especially killing Leland with the "data disc"), but I do have a handful of quibbles that stick with me.


1. In the Thorton, Inc. ending, if you leave Leland alive, Thorton is still implied to have taken over Halbech. But...how? If you don't kill Leland, he's still the CEO. (Or the CTO. Or the Chairman of the Board. The game seems to get a little fuzzy on this point, but he's definitely the man in charge.) And there's no way Thorton can implicate Leland in Alpha Protocol's crimes without also damaging Halbech, perhaps irretrievably. So how can Thorton take the company over if he didn't do away with the guy already running it?


2. The Halbech missile data in Brayko's mansion, which is apparently so important that it's considered to be a reasonable option to abandon SIE/Albatross to be tortured to death to get it. I've done the mission both ways (first skipping the intel to go after my handler, then using my Technical Aptitude to be able to get both), and I don't notice any difference in the subsequent missions. If this data is so important, why is it never mentioned again? Or is it mentioned, and I just missed it.


3. In Taipei, Omen Deng works for President Sung. And the evidence you showed Sung about the assassination or the riots came from a hard drive you stole from Deng's men, with the implication being that Sung is completely in the dark about both issues until you tell him. So...why couldn't Deng have gotten a message to him (they have to have some way to communicate, or Deng's status as a deep cover agent would be useless to Sung) and warned him about both plots?

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1. If you leave Leland alive he faces trial for what he did you have to listen to the news report while the end credits roll as it tells you what happened also if you didn't fight the guy in charge of AP then AP is buried and renamed which means they used Leland as the scapegoat for all of the events that happened 


2.if you got the Halbech data in Brayko's Mansion then you get the mission to stop the other Russian guy's escape if you don't get the data then you don't get that mission and the game moves forwards.


3. The Flash Drive isn't held by Deng's men it's held by some guy who is giving it to Deng so not even Deng knows what on it. As in the final mission in Taipei if you talk to Deng after fighting him he tells he's a double agent and that his sources told him that Thorton was the assassin and you think Deng is the assassin whereas he works for the CSP.


Also I know this is old, but I think that should clear it up 

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