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Win XP 32bit 2 GB RAM



I just registrated to say thank you to the developers for patch 1.04, because in my case PoE runs on a Win XP 32bit machine with 2 GB Ram only. Before the patch the game crashed on leaving the tutorial area, but now I can proceed a little further :-) I know that XP is not supported and 2 GB Ram aren't either, but so far it works (because XP doesn't need so much ram space like other win versions). Loading times are very short compaired to eg. Divinity Original Sin (that actually still suffers from the saving bug on 32bit systems) and overall performance is really good.


Keep up the good work *thumbs up*



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I'm running PoE on WiinXP SP3 also and had no issues at first. However memory consumption does increase as you progress further into the game and I found it necessary to apply the /3GB modification after gaining the stronghold.


That may not apply in your case, but it seems best to be forewarned. Aside from that, PoE seems to run pretty well on WinXP.

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