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Hello Guys!! 2nd post here and it's getting even better :p


I would like to talk about party composition... Mostly aimed for Hard / PotD / IW dificulties (since if you manage to go well on those Medium and Easy would be a piece of cake anyway :p)


So I would like to share I option for the Best Party Composition and some ideas on how would be the best option to change this party in order to use a different character... On my playtrough I only use the NPC's (pre-made companions), so no hired one here, but I will only point their classes since it's easier for me since I don't remember all names :p


Also I avoid having two or more of the same class I just want to try to play the game with as many options as possible... But still I agree that 6 Chanters would be an over-power-rock-band :p


Fighter - Full Tank (Tank/Tank) - With Weapon + Shield and backup Ranged Weapon

Paladin - Support Off-Tank (Tank/DPS) - With 2h Weapon, Weapon + Shield (for complicated situations) and Backup Ranged Weapon

Chanter - Support Buffer (Support/Tank) - With a Backup Long Reach Weapon (probably some kind of Polearm) and a Ranged Weapon (This character is planned to be a Ranged attacker in my party and can Offtank when necessary)

Priest - Support Buffer (Support/AoE) - With a Backup Long Reach Weapon (Spear and Shield seems to be the best option for me) and a Ranged Weapon (This character is planned to be a Ranged attacker in my party and can Offtank when necessary)

Cypher - DPS Debuffer (DPS/Debuffer) - With a Ranged Weapon and a backup melee weapon (2 Hatchets seems nice IMO) still intend for DPS purpose (so 2h Weapon of 2 Weapons)

Wizard - DPS AoE (DPS/AoE) - With a Ranged Weapon and a Implement, no melee weapon for this guy, Wizard are to squish and I if someone get on him I would make he run for his like!!! :p


I thinks that's the best party composition I would have most of the time 2 melee and 4 ranged but I can easily change that to 4 melee and 2 ranged, and even 5 melee and 1 ranged if it's really necessary, also I have two good tanks, plenty of support and reasonably good damage and AoE abilities...


I just miss a Druid here, so I will talk what I would change in order to add all other classes...


If I want a...


Druid, I would make him a Range attacker (primarily) and with a Weapon and Shield or Long Reach Weapon as backup (Spear and Shield seems again the best option here)... I would Drop the Paladin in order to have a Druid, also I would make the Chanter a Primarily melee user in the place of the paladin, all rest would be the same...


Barbarian: In order to have a Barb I would also Drop the Paladin and but him on his spot, but I really believe this is a poor idea, mostly in harder levels, since the Barb sabotage himself by loosing Deflection which is very important in the hardest options of the game.


Rogue: That's a very good DPS, I think the only Pure DPS option for the game, but he can also be a Tank (just add armor and shield and you have a very solid off-tank), also he can work pretty good as a ranged attacker, so you have more options here, if you want him to be a kind of off-tank, then drop the paladin, if you want him to be a pure DPS I would drop the Cypher, or the Wizard (if you choose to drop the Wizard for a Rogue then I would advise to Drop the Paladin for a Druid), I would do a Rogue with 2 Weapons and a Bow backup and make him the one that attack mostly in the party to use his sneak a lot...


Ranger: I love Rangers but I think they are boring in PoE but still a good party member... So he is ranged with a backup Weapon + Shield (just in case), I would drop the Paladin (and having the Chanter off-tank for the group), but here you could also drop the Wizard (again if you drop the Wizard I would drop the Paladin for a Druid anyway)


Monk: Well I never liked Monks but if you like then you could use the same as used for the Barbarian, he need to get damage so he would be your off-tank anyway...


If I could have 8 members instead of 6 I would for sure add a Druid and a Rogue (maybe, just maybe a Ranger)... I think the Monk is a good class, I just don't like then that much but I really believe that the Barbarian could use an improvement...


What you guys think?

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Personally I prefer the following:


2 Retaliation Tanks (Fire Godlike Barbarians w/retaliation items and Spell Striking weapons; I Stand Alone, Savage Defiance, Frenzy, Barbaric Blow etc.)

2 Blunderbuss Ciphers (Death or Moon Godlike, CC/DPS; Draining/Biting Whip, Penentrating Shot)

2 Ranged Rogues (Death or Moon Godlike, Arquebus/Blunderbuss; Backstab,  Shadowing Beyond, Blinding/Crippling/Envenomed Strikes)


It's a fun and versatile party with no reliance on per rest abilities, big alpha strike potential and consistent AOE damage output. Moon Godlike may be preferable for PotD, Death Godlike is more suited for the "Hollowborn/Waidwen Legacy" roleplaying atmosphere.


Regarding other classes:


Priest, Wizard and Druid are too reliant on resting, especially during the first half of the game. You will always end up conserving your best abilites for a hypothecal big fight which may never come until your next rest stop, or you will have to use them up prematurely on some pointless mobs. Whereas with Cipher you're always free to use your best abilities every battle. Granted, Wiz and Druid offer some of the best burst DPS at endgame, but IMHO it's not worth the slog to get there, and anyway Cipher still may outperform them even there.


Chanter is weak compared to other casters, especially after Ila's nerf.


Paladin is just pointless when you can have Fighter (better tank) or Barbarian (better DPS) or Retaliation Fire/Moon Godlike Barbarian (better dps and in the end better tank as well, IMO). A pity, since this class has a big roleplay potential in PoE.


P.S. I mostly use hired adventurers; if using pre-made companions, I remake them into decent builds.

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It depends on the area and the composition of the "resistance". Sagani gets accuracy bonuses against primordials and wilders, so she definitely comes whenever those are present. Durance's Holy Radiance does extra damage against vessels, so he comes along for those. Pallegina is weak against mobs, but great against bosses. Kana and Grieving Mother tear up anything with low will.


Hope this helps.

"Art and song are creations but so are weapons and lies"

"Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind. Pleasure. Fear. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable."

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@Lord Vicious:  Nice group!


I'd probably replace one retaliation tank with a Fire Dracozzi PC Paladin now that I've done a little bit with other classes.


Sure they're not as good as monk or barbarian later, but the fact they can start being a retaliation build starting at lvl 2 means they're much more viable and still provide +6 accuracy via Zealous Focus which does seemed bugged(?) to effect the entire party.  Mostly for easy lower level and helping accuracy issues without a priest around.


That said, the fact the barbarians rely on OSA bug to really dish out damage and don't come into their own until lvl 5 is also another viability issue to me.


Anyway, mine would be without class overlap and OSA...

1.  Dracozzi Fire God-like Paladin.  Runs Zealous Focus for the initial accuracy alpha and better retaliation from their talent.

2.  Moon God-like Monk.  Triple synergy when they get hurt by ally aoe later or by retaliation tanking.  Rooting pain procs to hurt/prone things, you gain wounds for turning wheel bonuses.  Dual sabres because torment's reach spam is hella fun too and has NO recovery time, hence why it casts so fast.

3.  Wood Elf Rogue:  Ranged alpha sneak attack.

4.  Wood Elf Ranger + Bear companion (good for suicide gathering + AoE) + Lore + Vicious Aim = super nuker on its own if needed.

5.  Wood Elf Skaen Priest.  Nothing fancy, has a baby sneak attack for Roguely alpha.  Sits in the back with the lightest armor like one and shoots so less baby sitting.  But when needed provides the good buffs.  Also, wards (traps) are hella fun.

6.  Wood Elf Cipher.  CC + dmg +whatever else.

>> [sideboard]

7.  Swapped in at level 6+:  Moon Wizard going Dangerous Implements + Blast + Blights route.  The added bonus of hurting yourself and providing heals is just good.  At level 7 they get Essential Phantom which is hilarious.

8.  Swapped in at level 9+:  Wood Elf druid.  Their aoe spam is ridiculous.


The reason is animation times to replace most of your ranged people with casters.  Even with their recovery time, they have higher base damage and faster casting so later on when the per encounters are there, they provide better alpha as you cue up their spells.


And definitely agree any of these can be Moon for the self heals and less baby sitting.  Usually 2 in a group are fine though.

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