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Huge problem. "Outing" Aloth in epilogue

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So I just finished the game for the first time (yay! :p ) And I got all the companions' endings, which I though was a mix of bitter-sweet, especially what happens to Sagani and Pallegina.


Anyway on Aloth's epilogue, they mention the fact that he was a leaden key spy at first, as if it was a known fact.


Now in my playthrough, I didn't get the conversation where he admits to being one. I guess I switched him out shortly after finishing his quest in the sanitarium, thinking his story was done. Also since my PC was a mage and I just found Hiravias so I wanted him.

The only reason I knew about it was because I accidentally saw this convo in someone's stream, thinking I was safe because I already finished his story.


Anyway I think there should be a flag indicating whether this convo has taken place as to not ruin future playthroughs with the character. That or only show epilogues for characters in your current acvite party

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A similar thing happened with Weeping Mother; I never actually added her to my party, yet the epilogue gave details that assumed I had.

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"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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I had a hillarious thing sort of like this happen to me. 

In the skaen temple I sacrificed Hiverias. He was sucked into the blood pool and dissolved as he was coughing blood and dying.
In the next chapter I met him on the road again lol. Eager to talk about his life. As if the blood pool never happened :p


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