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Hello all,


I'm new to the game and have been trying to build a melee DPS class.   I have been mostly toying around with Barbarian and Rogue, and had some questions about Resolve, Concentration & Interrupt.


In both cases, I decided to dump Resolve to 3, and now that I'm a few levels in, I noticed that I keep getting interrupted anytime I get hit.


I'm considering re-rolling, but am unsure if I should as raising Resolve would force me to lower DPS stats.


  1. Which amount of resolve is recommended for a melee DPS class? Which amount would allow me to avoid being interrupted too often?
  2. Is it worth to trade off my damage output for getting interrupted less?
  3. I'm still at the very beginning of the game. If I leave my Resolve at 3, will it be possible to raise my concentration and limit the amount of times I get interrupted through items/talents?


Thank you for your help :)

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1, I like 14 or more for melee dps guys, pretty pointless to get high dexterity to act faster and get interrupted all the time

2, Getting interrupted already cuts into your dps

3, There are few spells that help a bit, but there is so much they can do for such a weak willed dude, Priest has level 1 spell Holy Meditation that gives 30 concentration

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I would not dump Resolve to 3 unless I was sure that character would almost never be attacked.  Better to dump Constitution &/or Perception.


Edit: For a melee DPS I would try to make Resolve as high as possible, and keep the deflection bonus/penalty at 0 or higher (ie lower Perception to raise Resolve, and dump Constitution to raise DPS stats).

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Dumping constitution and perception is a better choice than resolve, not only because getting interrupted will cut into your dps, but because resolve gives will save, which becomes very important in the mid-late game as monsters with charm, dominate and confuse abound. Constitution is strictly worthless on Rogues, and mostly terrible on any other class, slightly less so on classes with naturally high endurance but still relatively low value. Perception gives interrupt, which, while not strictly worthless, does run contrary to proper usage of crowd control, as you want the targets your melee engages to already be crowd controlled.

However, proper use of crowd control and micromanaging your characters should allow them to avoid being interrupted even with low resolve. Utilize casters to make use of disables on the targets you want your melee to engage, and on any ranged enemies who might focus them. Further, hold your melee back until the battle lines are drawn and most monsters have engaged your tank. When you gain a better understanding of pathing and the enemy ai behavior you can skip this step by placing the melee where the edges of the battle will form. Barbarian is also a natural choice for reach weapons, as they gain less benefit dual wielding relative to rogues, as well as less benefit in ensuring all of their targets are crowd controlled.

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For a rogue you can dump intellect and one for one place the points in resolve. This will keep your will save neutral at worst. Rogues do not have any AoE and very few duration abilities so a low intellect does not adversely affect them other than the will save.


 Con might not add much for endurance but a good fortitude save is nice to have.


A higher perception will add 3/pt to interrupt roll but a crit will add 25.




A barbarian has the additional burden compared to a rogue of wanting a high intellect for the AoE carnage. That would leave perception to be dumped and resolve to be left neutral at best in order to not exacerbate  incoming interrupts.

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