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-Essential Phantom will have the Spellbind item uses fully charged.  For example, if you have a restore light glove and used 2 of the 3 uses, your Phantom will also have 3 uses when summoned.  Otherwise, far as I can tell, there's nothing else usable, figurines in quick slots won't work for example.


-To use the above, simply click on the phantom and the spellbind item use should appear above the character portraits toward the left side.


-Weapons with spellbind on them will not work as well, only worn items.


-It does get effected by group buffs, but individual ones like Eldritch Aim even cast before it has no effect.  Additionally, talents Weapon Focus:  Adventurer, Dangerous Implements, Heart of Storm, don't seem to effect it.


-The Essential Phantom seems to have a +3 accuracy spell in effect on it, so Priest and Paladin spells (auras) will only override it.  Otherwise, I was testing a Moon God-like PC and Aloth Wood elf, but the gap was 3 accuracy not 5, and dropped the paladin zealous focus to do this testing.


-It seems to have a much higher accuracy and always targets reflex/shock.  Additionally it has more Health and defenses.  The health pool is roughly x4.  I suspect it has a super modifier for health/endurance but can't do math too well.  Defenses are a little wonky, I can't figure out any patterns besides it has more.


-The damage of the summon is unaffected by might it seems.  Aloth or my PC dealt the same with the summons in play.


-It has the same damage reduction as the caster.  (Kinda funny to use plate for example and have it block a doorway).


-Couldn't tell if recovery time of its attacks was effected by the heavier armor though.


-Racials like Moon God like do not seem to work off it.

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Not quite. As noted, only Spellbind abilities which is quite weak in comparison. It suppose to be duplicate not just another summon or figurine. The trade off here is that one needs to have items with Spellbind equipped which can but does not have to be optimal or appropriate. For those who don't like to rest much its neat.


It has accuracy around 81 iirc.

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