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First of all, this is fairly untested idea for potd alternative Druid/Mag build that deppends on perceived dump stat of Perception by dumping Might. Yes, I'm indeed dumping Might... I ran a test with custom companion Wizard against potd Arda Dragon with same stats, and it worked remarkably, nevertheless low Might may pose problems early on when dispatching enemies quickly may be a better option.


The idea is that you forget damage done for a high interrupt values. Focus is on interrupting enemies to such effect that they can't even retaliate. That's achieved by big aoe and lingering spells, and by just overloading enemies with cointinuous spellcasting when on higher levels. For that effect high Dex and light armours are needed. With low Might there is also not much need for weapon specializations and effort put into druids forms, so it's better to just equip the caster with as heavy shield as possible and be done with it. Druid is better overall choice, since Wizard should have a really hard time early on, nevertheless his endgame is arguably even better than Druids. His two walls and Thrust made me look into it in the first place.


Race: Orlan for +2 on Perception

Subrace: Hearth Orlan, for hits to crits, although I'm not quite sure that ability works for spells as well.

Alternatives: Elf with 20 Dex, Godlike with three 19s, and nothing is preventing other races to join as well.



2   Might

9  Constitution

18 Dexterity

21 Perception

18 Intelligence

10 Resolve

Dex, Per, Int as high as possible, the rest can vary. In this example I went for higher protection offered by Constitution and Resolve. The idea is that character can take some damage while using shield, and wearing light armour. Around the field protections are high, except offcourse for fortitude, making this build truly glassy.


Talents: Interrupting blows, weapon and shield, veil for Wizard, everything else into bonus spells.


Spells: The higher the interrupt value the better, just as important are lingering area effects, and big aoe. More potential victims, higher the chance to interrupt someone. Walls and Druids storms work wonders.


Notable Spells:



1st level: Thrust!!

3rd: Fireball

4th: Dimansional Shift, Wall of Flame!!!

5th: Wall of Force!!!



1st level: Talon's Reach!!, Tanglefoot

2nd: Blizzard, Insect Swarm

3rd: Returning Storm!!!

4th: Hail Storm

5th: Malignant Cloud, Wall of Thorns!!!

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There is no reason why this exact same build couldn't have 12 to 14 Might while still being primarily an interrupt build.


You're casting lots of long duration AoEs, you may as well have it do damage.


The other strat is to pump Resolve all the way to max as well. So you have enough concentration to off-tank. You've got 21 points in perception, you may as well take advantage of all that deflection.


Could pair well with chanter for the -10 concentration song.


Also I've heard there are mobs in this game (particularly bosses) that have their concentration set so high, that they are not meant to be interrupted. That was one of the points raised in the 'an interrupt-based party' thread. 

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