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Sanatorium Main Quest : No XP bug ?



Hello everyone !


I create this topic because I have a problem with my quests.


I did the whole Sanatorium Main Quest and spoke with the statue at the end to finish it (after : "SPOIL SPOIL" : Choosing Azo fate  "END OF SPOIL"). I received no XP, so I checked my journal to discover that the quest was finished. 

I reloaded my quick save (I just did one before talking the the statue) to check the XP on my characters and retried it. The XP didn't changed after the quest ended.


On the wiki it says it's a quest with a Major Experience Type and an Experience level of 4.


My characters are level 8 and 7.

Is it normal ? Do they have a too high level ? Should I speak to a NPC again ? Or is it a bug ? 


"SPOIL SPOIL" : And I think I received no XP with the quest where I saved the little girl who lost her family (they became ghouls) too. "END OF SPOIL".

If someone knows that problem and has a solution or an explanation, i'll be grateful to hear it ! :)

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