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Lying to a god?

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So just a heads up, not looking for spoilers, just nudge in the right direction please :)


So I just prayed to Hylea in Twin Elms, after restoring her temple. I basically chose her because I was frankly going to kill the dragon anyway and the selection of gods was how we say....lacking...


Anyway, she made me promise to return the souls to the hollowborn, but I think after thinking about it I am more inclined to returning them to the wheel and the natural cycle (depending if the option even exists?)


Is there an option to do something other than you promised? Is there a significant penalty for going agains what you promised?

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I didn't even realize there was a possibility of the gods taking revenge, and I'm sort of sorry to have missed it.


I did all four of the gods' quests, but I didn't promise any of them anything, I just told all four of them that I'd have to think about it.


The souls still opened the way for me on Burial Isle (it didn't specify which of the the gods was providing the souls). In the epilogue, no mention was made of any revenge at all from the three gods I didn't please.


Seems kind of cheap to have a revenge plot and then make it something that's so easily avoided.

DID YOU KNOW: *Missing String*

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If somebody wants to absolute evil bastard then promise to all the gods that you will do as they ask with souls and then choose one of the options that don't fulfill any of those promises and see Dyrwood suffer like nothing ever before.

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