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Pathfinding/bumping into each other is getting on my nerves

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Man. I really HATE that when it happens at combat mostly. The collision boxes must be all wrong because my party members keep bumping into each other while trying to flank enemies even on open areas. It's frigging annoying to have to direct a char all the time because he/she isn't able to turn a corner or move to next available target without bumping endlessly into each other (I am looking at you Sagani's fox).

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I imagine my guys and girls to really be a bunch of fatties who all used glamour spells to make themselves skinnier. Now when they're bumbling around and falling over in combat, it makes a whole lot more sense. That wizard may look like some well toned bodybuilder hunk but it's all vanity. 


The game doesn't even hide this very well. There are a ton of food references and items, you can basically stuff your face all through the game and still look the same. 

- How can I live my life if I can't even tell good from evil?

- Eh, they're both fine choices. Whatever floats your boat. 

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