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Bug 1.4 Fighting spirit (human racial) adds the accuracy , doesn't add the damage

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Triggers on cue, active effects lists it on for the duration 1.15 damage and +7 accuracy..

The +7 accuracy show in char screen and combat log tohit rolls ..


The 15% damage doesn't actually apply to weapon damage range ..


Numeric example ..


13 -19 sabre (fine 15%, 21 might 33%, reckless 20%) 


char screen shows 22-32 ( 13 * (1+0.15+0.33+0.2)= 21.84 19 * (1+0.15+0.33+0.2) = 31.92 )


With fighting spirit active, as shown in char screen under active effects damage range should go up

to  13 * (1+ 0.15+0.33+ 0.2+0.15) = 23.79   19 * (1+ 0.15+0.33+ 0.2+0.15) = 34.77


But char screen still displays damage range as 22-32 ..

Probably related to blooded bug - buff/effect triggers properly and gives proper feedback (X activates Fighting spirit // Blooded in combat log, show up in char screen under active effects ) BUT GIVES NO DAMAGE BONUS WHATSOEVER ...




UPS Wrong sub- forum  can mods move to the bug report section ? If not, lock thread and make a new one on the proper subsection..

made the other thread in support forum - lock this

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