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Fighter: damage soaker, pure tank. Stats have been chosen for maximum saves (+10 will, +10 fortitude, +17 deflection, +16 reflex, or something like that)

Paladin: offtank, healer, buff (when zeal is chosen)

Wizard: damage

Druid: damage

Priest: (de)buff, healer

Cipher (Watcher): damage, crowd control


For most the name should've been a dead given on their role though (translation of the names is provided, names are in Thai)


Also decided the Wizard's gonna be the mechanics guy... already regretting that slightly because of his low perception (as people have told me perception increases your range of detection, not sure it works like that though), but that's fine I suppose since I know where most stuff is.


Not far enough in the game to have decided on equipment, but both the paladin and the fighter will be sword and shield.

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