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[Bug] Buried Secrets Priest Remains



If you choose to attack Wirtan via the conversation option at the end of the Buried Secrets quest in Gilded Vale, the game removes the Priest Remains from your Stash as though you had given them to him, preventing you from handing them over to the Magistrate.


It's possible to work around this problem by manually attacking Wirtan and then taking the remains to the Magistrate, but then you kinda miss his confession.


It's not a huge issue, but the conversation actions should be reviewed for a future patch.

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Even if you still have the bones you can't return them to Urgeat.. Because I still had the bones after I talked to Wirtan. I choose the resolve option, a couple of cruel and finished with the attack option. Left temple, still had the bones in my stash.


Edit: My character would prefer to hear his confession too, before moving on to impale him with his keen sword of righteousness.

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That's odd. The remains were gone in my case, but if I attacked him without talking to him and kept the bones, I could talk to the Magistrate no problem. Maybe there's more than one problem with the quest resolution (like both an incorrectly set variable and potentially missing quest item).

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