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How to tell how many engagements each party members can have

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So Im still trying to figure out how aggro works in this game. I have Eder who has an ability called Defender which increases his engagement number to 3, which I assume means he can tank 3 enemies.


However due to him being my melee dps, I would prefer if I could have my paladin tank more enemies. However I havent gotten a skill that does that, nor can I tell how many engagements he can even do right now.


Where do you find this information at? Character screen?

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Guest BugsVendor

I think without any extra talent or abilities each character can engage one enemy.


Don't worry about engagement that much you can still send your paladin first  and let all the enemies attack him. 99% will never change target.

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It would be in Talents and Abilities. AFAIK, there's nothing that says 'You may engage: X' in the character sheet however. It's just thought that if it doesn't say anything, it's one, if it's more, it's in the description of an item/ability you have.

A character can engage one target only base-line. Abilities like Defender increase this number, as do Talents like Hold The Line. Some items even increase this number as well by having the Guarding enchant, such as a rapier you can find pretty early in the game.

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