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Did my game bug? (Question about Eder)

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So, I started a run to mess around until the big patch hits and noticed Eder was having a lot of difficulty with landing hits compared to normal. Checking his character page I realized he didn't have Weapon Focus: Ruffian. I can't think of ever picking him up and him not having this weapon focus. (Don't get me wrong, being able to select a different weapon focus for him sounds amazing, I'm just worried if this is broken what else is borked with my save?)



Did something change between my last game start and now? He's level 3 and has the talents in attached file.


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He has only Rapid Recovery if you recruit him at level 2. Ruffian is actually a free talent, one more than he'd normally get when leveled up manually, so it's better to recruit him at level 3. Unless that changed in last patch and he doesn't get it at all? I don't know.

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Thanks for the replies. 

I will have to go back to an old save and check, but I thought I grabbed him at level 3. I could be wrong however.

So you are saying Ruffian is basically a flavor talent he gets for free at a certain point, and he's not actually missing any talents?

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At level 3, he should definitely have Weapon Focus: Ruffian. 


His build to level 4 is:


Level 1: Knockdown

Level 2: Weapon Focus: Ruffian

Level 3: Rapid Recovery

Level 4: Defender


I didn't see anything indicating that was changed in the recent patch so...maybe a bug report?


That's.. not how it works. Abilities at Odd Levels, Talents at Even Levels.

  1. Knockdown.
  2. Rapid Recovery.
  3. Defender.

Never picked him up beyond that.


There used to be a bug that gave Edér more Talents than he should have gotten if you picked him up at the right level (Level 2, I think). This gave him Weapon Focus: Ruffian, which I always thought was nonsense - Weapon Focus: Peasant or Soldier would've been much more appropriate.


Not sure if the bug is still present, since it's now much harder to pick him up at Level 2, after they grotesquely boosted the experience you gain in small parties (for some utterly incomprehensible and completely demented reason).

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Just use console commands to give him ruffian (for flavor reasons?) if you picked him up at level 2 instead of 3.

Thanks but that's not really the issue I am worried about. I had never seen him w/o the weapon focus, so I was worried the game was bugged and God knows what else would mysteriously vanish from my characters later on.


However, I guess I just recruited him a little too early or Obsidian changed Eder gaining a free weapon focus. I'll have to make a new character and get him to the Vale and check and see.

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