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Black screen while leaving Ebon Hawk

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I'm stuck. After completing almost all Dantooine quest, I've did a little detour to Ebon Hawk (to create some mines, upgrade lightsaber and talk to Bao-Dur). Now, every time I'm trying to leave - black screen. I can visit other planets without problems, only return to Dantooine is impossible. I'm playing with Restoration mod, current version.

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you need to list all the mods you've been using.
for example USM (ultimate saber mod) it's incompatible with TSLRCM (assuming you've got that specific restoration mod)
you can even find the list of incompatible mods on deadly stream (TSLRCM 1.8.3 compatible mods list).
you had a cutscene related  problem before?
you also need to list your OS (windows 7-vista-8-xp).

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