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Quick question: does the main quest end the game?

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Yep it wrapped up for me at level 11, but then I wasn't doing a completionist play-through. (It is a nice touch that they remind you of what you left unfinished.)

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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Of course it does. It's the end of the game.

Not all games end with the main quest.

All good games do.

Uhm... Ah... Pokemon. There, you're wrong. Also Morrowind, but I don't want to start another Elder Scrolls debate. ;)
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I think it's often better if the game doesn't end with the main quest when the main quest feels urgent enough that at some point you'd want to skip things, from a roleplaying standpoint.  That is, unfortunately, the case in PoE, come Act 3.


I thought FO:NV handled that aspect well, in that it was easy enough to just tell yourself "Caesar hasn't started attacking the dam yet, it's fine."  Bit harder to justify signing up for a month-long caravan DLC trip, of course.

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