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The Wailing Banshee quest [SPOILERS]




As stated in the title I'm having a problem with a quest called "The Wailing Banshee"

There is a way to resolve the conflict with Lilith on the 3rd lighthouse floor peacefully if you have perception of 12 or higher.

That worked on my first playthrough when my basic stat was already high enough for that.

But now after clearing the whole lighthouse and having spoken to her i realized that I didn't have enough and went back to the inn(+2 perception) used a salty mast buff (+2 perception) equipped lilith's shawl (+3 perception) and drank some bewerages that gave me +2 perception as well.

Now I am at 13 perception, but the dialog with her didnt change. I still can't resolve the quest in a peaceful manner.

I tried resetting the third level of the lighthouse by deleting the corresponding file in the savegame but this didnt reset the dialogue or the quest (as expected).

So I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this

Thanks in advance!

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Hey qEin,


I did almost the same thing. I approached the spirit to drop the Perception down to 12 (only having 10) then backed away. Left the Lighthouse and got +2 Perception from a resting bonus and then returned. I was able to approach the spirit again to drop the Perception back down to 12 (now having 12) and get the quest update. 


- Can you send me a save file where this is not the case? Maybe a dialogue node is not triggering on your return.

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so i tried messing with 03_cv_lilith.conversation and set the checks down to 3.

this works for new playthroughs but not for the one in question.

apparently it does not update the quest with the parent file until something happens.


does someone know how to edit mobileobjects without messing up the whole game?

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Not sure if it helps or not but i went through the same thing, but instead of going back to get a perception buff, i searched the area and found a diary, this diary told me something and i talked about it with the quest giver who then directed me to a resolution. I assumed that whatever the perception check was about, amounted to the same result so i didn't even bothered passing the perception check again...

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