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How enter in Caed Nua ruins?

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I killed Maerwald and taken possession of stronghold; near the room of Maerwald and near the "big hand" I can "see" the enter for the ruins with a closed door/passage, but I cannot enter. How can I do it? And the other door closed with energy?

Thank you for the help.


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That one is the master staircase, which you can access later coming up from below. The stairs to level 2 of the Endless Depths is on the southeast side of that area.


Speak to the statue-woman in the ground floor of the Keep to dispel the energy barrier blocking the way to level 2. 

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What he said^

What you referred to is the master staircase that lets you skip back past all the levels so you don't have to go up and down through a ton of loading screens. The entrance to level1 is through that doorway that was forcefielded before you speak to the throne-spirit.


Also a small correction - the ruins are called "The Endless Paths of Od Nua". Caed Nua is the keep that sits above it.



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