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I've finally managed to kill the Adra Dragon solo. As the strategy could be used on any class, I thought I could share. You just need to set a trap right down the stairs, then as soon as the fight starts, just run towards the trap and melt him with a lightning spell (I was using the animancer's boots which grant Jolting Touch)


No need to make a video about it, the screenshot it's self-explainatory :D


Screenshot here

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Awesome! That what I planned to do with my Barb since I just got Animancer Boots :). But I am glad you did it first, I can get feedback :p


Link is broken by the way. Tell me more about race/talents and gear to maxed to get maximum damage to Adra Dragon.


Cheers mate!

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I took one of those skills that gives you DR shock and shock damage, I was using a sword with Shocking Lash and gloves with +2 Mechanics (I think you find these right next to the Ogre matron in the Endless Paths) which is supposed to boost traps accuracy increasing your chances of getting better petrified times.


Also I had a good +2 might sleep and some "quite time" with one of the guys in the ondra's brothels + dragon meal. Though, I haven't tested thoroughly, so I'm not sure if any of these damage boosts take effect on traps.


I first tried to have the adra beatle throw his lightning spell on him for extra damage but the little guy kept missing :p


If you're doing trials of iron, I wouldn't recommend doing this at all. You might be able to kill the Adra Dragon but there are still a few adragans that can petrified you to death if you get unlucky.

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