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Idle companions in Kaed Nua - am i share exp with them?

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i have a party fm 5 chars + Sagani and Kana (hate both) in Kaed Nua, am i share XP with them for my adventures? I.E. if i get 5k it shares equally between only those who is in group (1k for each) or Sagani and Kana are included (or if i have more/other companions in Stronghold).



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What happens if you reinstate a companion parked at Caed Nua after the party has gained several more levels?


I swapped out Kana after finding Pellegina somewhere around level 5, I think, and the party is now level 9. I haven't done anything with the Endless Paths yet, and I'll probably pick up Kana for that before I finish the game. Does he auto-level to match the party, or stay at the level I left him? I've sent him out on a few adventure quests in that minigame, but that can't be enough to match what our party has been picking up for XP. 



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