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My wizard finally hit lvl 9 and I feel like I need to change my name

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to GOD.


Oh that spammy fan of flames/missiles/slicken onslaught.



I finally feel like I am supposed to feel, a man wielding incalculable power, not some twirly little metal stick swinging wolverine type character, magneto!


For all those who feel gimped as a wizard, constrained by limited spells without resting a thousand times, take heart, our birth right as spell casters does come.  And while I don't have a player character druid to compare, I feel much more powerful as a wizard than Hirvais (sp).  Also, it seems like the yellow zone for mage AoE spells is much larger than the typical druid spell.



And I have to say, I think the intelligence duration/AoE size mechanic is fantastic.  It makes sense that the smarter wizards can increase the size and duration of their spell effects, and even better, that that intelligence expands the area where their spells do NOT harm their party members.  It suggests a stat that grants greater control over their own power.  All future rpg games with friendly fire mechanics should incorporate this mechanic.



I still want a spell that lets me summon a genie to potentially grant a full party rest, but I can wait for mods.

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yeah, i don't understand why some people were bitching about wizards being underpowered just after release. Aloth is an absolute monster after you pick up the two rings of wizardry, and his stats aren't even close to being optimal. i imagine a PC wizard at higher levels would trivialize the game so much. 

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6x level 1, 2 and 3 spells and 4 level 4 spells with both the wizardry rings, and then per encounter level 1&2 spells


My level 9 wizard is like a missile and flamethrower turret ... I just feel sorry for my tanks having to withstand all those fans of flames or chill fogs every battle.

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