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I'll be short:

  • Diffuculty: Easy
  • Roleplay: Assassin
  • About self: Casual player

This was the second playthrough, so I know the basics. This knowledge helps me a bit, but still I can not say that the playthrough was really easy.




1. Leyra (sorry for a language, next videos are in English)



2. Zombies



3. Sky Dragon (this was tricky)



4. Adra Dragon (LMAO)



5. Thaos (really hard, all thanks to "Starcaller")



Character sheet:


  • MIG: 17
  • CON: 10
  • DEX: 15
  • PER: 16
  • INT: 10
  • RES: 10




Ok, on videos you see everything is looking easy. Actually, this was not easy everytime. Any large group of enemies may kill Rogue within seconds, especially darguls, cean gula, fampyrs. I'd avoided most of really dangerous encounters, I am not a battlemage and I don't know how "to use environment" :) Either run away, either fight.


FYI "Solo on PotD" thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76328-solo-play-tips-not-exploits-potd/


Playing as Rogue I've missing something special for this class like these:

  • One trap problem. 2-3 traps will be good. At least, why Clerics are able to set up as many traps as they wish?
  • Abilities problem. Either make some of them per encounter or add more free points to choose more abilities on level up.
  • Stealth problem. High level stealth is not working as expected! Stealth skill above 5-6 points looks useless.

In the end I wish to tell that, probably, most intresting part of a rogue is the "Thief" roleplay (RES based). Rogue is a weakest of all classes because of lack of magic abilities and spells. There is no AoE attacks except Watcher's one (they are almost non-combat). And, perphaps, RES based rogue will be interested as a candidate to gain the achievment "less 175 kills". Meantime, due the bad stealth mechanic (it is mob level based) you can not avoid all encounters if you wish to have high points in mechanic skill to avoid traps and use picklocks to leveling. However, I am happy that the game is possible to complete solo as a rogue.


Thanks to Obsidian!

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