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So this just happened (I HATE this game. Also I LOVE this game)

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I had previously completed the game on hard, and thought I'd give Triple Crown PotD a run. Quickly figured out I simply don't have enough cheese in my cabinet for that, and went down to Hard/Expert/Trial of Iron. After a few rerolls, I finally found what I was looking for. Melee rogue! Really fun to explode people with daggers in the back.


SO I was being super carefull, got to Defiance Bay, did some quests and picked up Pallegina as my 2nd tank, and thought I'd clear the forests around Gilded Vale, and maybe attempt the Raedric Fortress. I had let most of Act 1 behind untouched, to gain some levels on the content and "stay safe".


In the forest I run into A F***ING GOD OF DEATH called Gramrfrel the Wayfarer with an ARMY the size of his ego, and the c*** that is Wirtan which I had mistakenly been kind enough to let live. They have a little chat about what to do with me, and proceed to slaughter my group like a child devours ice cream on a sunny beach. I had no idea at all this could even happen, and I was in no way prepared or at all geared for it at lvl 5, with most of the loot in the game still not found nor bought. I was, after all, being extra carefull.



I hate that this game did this to me. I love that this game did this to me. Let's do it again.



(Anyone else got stories like this?)

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Hmmm...he never escaped in my game (perhaps because I had him flogged daily by the Jailor?).  Eventually, someone came by, offering to pay for his release, so I released him.




I figured he had done his sentence.


Never ran into a band in any forest mentioned.

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Wirtan is the dude from the Temple of Eothas?  I let him live, I thought, but never ran into him again.

Same, and I have been up and down all those forests like it is going out of style.  Maybe he only shows back up on hard or potd?

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