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I really need help. I read that some of you guys actually make it through the game on PotD solo, and I just don't understand how.


Ok so I've beat the game over and over and decided I wanted to try the PotD solo adventure.

I'll save triple crown to after I manage to make my way through the normal save/load trial and error.


But, after spending perhaps 30 hours trying most things, I can not get past the temple level 2 (yes, just in the beginning).


When I say I have tried most things, I mean most things.


I've tried Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Rogue, Cipher and Wizard. I've scouted every area for loot/enemies that I can handle. Basically my run looks the same every time I try a new class now, as I can't find anything else to boost my character with.


I've read the various topics on the subject so I got a few starting pointers and the results are like this when I reach the shadows of the temple:


Fine 2-handed weapon, Fine 1 handed weapon, Fine bow

Large door shield from Smith quest.

Double rings, tried both deflection + protection and double deflection.

The DR belt from smith

Cloak from starting area OR sometimes the game is nice to me and gives me Rymrgand's Mantle. Despite trying various rest / order things which does affect the loot I get from the box, sometimes the game won't budge and insist on giving me a ring, which I don't need cause I can find 2 others.


Crafted potions + Fan of flame scrolls intending to use them on the perma freeze shadow. Using all kinds of food to get boost.


I've tried most combinations of weapons and shields. As well as 1 hand no shield and 2 handed weapons.


I'm usually around lvl 3.7 when I get to the temple. The best success I've had was with Fighter and Barb, both reached the room just before the Flail which is why I am there in the first place, but cannot win versus the perma stun shadow guy. I've tried using the ooze present to body block the shadow to cast my 2 scrolls of fire but, unless I reload 99 times just for that purpose, I'm never successful. "Graze, miss, graze, hit, miss" etc. Even two hits with it is not enough to kill it most of the time!



How do you actually progress further in the game? Can you get to level 4 before the temple? The one quest I can't really finish on neither of my characters that could help is the Compass place. The champion + scirmisher perma stun is too much. 


Sometimes I can barely get passed the spiders in the room before the bells, which really puts me off.









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You should read through my thread. I just finished triple crown solo and most of your questions are discussed in quite high detail in that thread. Quickly though: You dont really want to bother with the temple at this level. It is far far far more trouble than it is worth. Also its possible to get to level four if you go to the bridge zone, run around the skirmisher (even if it paralyses you for a while you will at some point be able to run away between attacks. Then get the quest in that zone to recover that guys supplies which is a very easy quest that can be completed without any fighting. You 100% want to save your fan of flames for the phantoms in caed nua (and even then you really wanna hoard burnt lady as its one of the few herbs you can never buy so there is a very limited number of fire scrolls in the game (especially wall of fire which is super useful later on)). 4 scrolls should be enough even if you have terrible luck.


Anyway like i said the key to hitting level 4 is to run past the skirmisher. Unless youa re confident you can beat him just come back later when skirmishers arnt such a big deal. The threads that you will find helpful are:








Feel free to ask me any general questions though my playthrough was very chanter specific you might be surprised how much items come into play. Also if you are gona be taking any kind of damage plate armor is almost always best. Take a look at how damage is calculated to get a feel for how big a role DR and each individual defensive stat plays.

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If you have trouble in the beginning it's best to pick a moon godlike for a lot of healing.

Chanter or monk are very good, if you go monk like I did you NEED the figurine to complete the temple. Just sneak through the room with oozes and phantom, summon your animat in a way, that he mainly holds off the phantom and you can kill most oozes. After that it should be easy to pick up the items and sneak out undetected by the phantom. You can get level 5 before Caed Nua.

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The kiting tactic is very effective in this game. Just use a hunting bow, then run and shoot.

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I don't know how people do it with classes such as Rogue or Wizard, they just seem to not be able to handle anything solo.


But I did re-roll my Fighter as that was my best success and really pushed everything to the max.

I could never get away from the scirmisher you are talking about but somehow, my character was strong enough to kill him with little issue on lvl 3. I think I rolled the right stats and abilities to not get perma locked by his attack. Is it vs Fortitude? I have a lot of fort.


I did get past him once, but he never stopped chasing me unless i dragged him to the quest giver where he would stop to kill her. Little point going there if he does. Any clues what to do here if I do another play through?


I am now in Defiance Bay, so I am very happy with my progress!


What's going on now:


I am currently level 5.

I got the scarab figurine and now trying to figure out which quests are easy to do and which are not. 

I'm basically doing research for myself for my TCS run (I am planning to do it 100% legit and no save/load bs.)


The quest with the guy that impersonates the other guy that has the crying wife in the inn. Seems doable (I managed maybe 3/4 times I tried) but very risky. Any tips for that fight? I managed but I had to use another fire scroll here. 


The dagger task obviously easy. I payed for the dagger, the fight seemed too hard.


Might try the catacombs soon but I'm gonna move around town to collect all the quests available and try them all out. Any other tips for someone basically just arriving in DB?


Thanks again :)

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