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I keep hearing about these dialogues between, for example, Eder and Aloth, but so far I haven't heard zip.


However, I did witness some snark between Hiravias and other party members. But it seemed to happen when exiting the inn in Dyrford Village, not when just walking around.


I'm curious whether others have discovered banter triggers in specific areas, or after certain quests have been completed, XP accrual, or time. For example I know there's some barks when you cross major milestones, such as after meeting Maerwald (which also triggers some "one on one" conversational requests), but I am more interested in the meant-to-seem-random inter party banter.

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It seems to be related to areas, probably triggers placed when exiting certain buildings, that's when most banter seems to occur. I've had them in various places in Defiance Bay and in Twin Elms and yeah, in Dyrford. Not always though as far as I can tell, perhaps there's a random chance for them to fire?


I kinda wish it would show up in other places as well.


It's also weird that Edér and Aloth (for example) doesn't say a word to each other until one reaches Defiance Bay. I think it's perhaps that their banter revolves around Aloth's, ahem, second personality and it's not revealed until later. But it still feels weird to have such a quiet party until you enter the city.

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Seems to be random on area load. I've come through a door, heard one snippet, had to reload later and get a different one.


But always on area transitions.

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