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What is Pale Elf culture like?

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Thinking i'm gonna make me a Pale Elf. I like to know a bit of lore when i make a char because it helps me roleplay the character better, but i have no real idea what Pale Elf culture is like at all.


Are they rural? Technologically simple? Tribal? How is their architecture? How do they govern themselves? Is there a place i can read up on them? I tried the wiki but it had no info at all.

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Each race has some background info on the right when you select it during character creation, no?

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You are asking the wrong questions. It all depends on where they live and what they represent. You can't generalize them like that.


Hmm,, okay, so a Pale Elf from the white that wends where most pale elves are said to live.. Let's say from the capital city there,, if they have cities, do they have cities? Or do they simply live off the land? I can't make a Pale elf leaving his ancestral home without knowing anything about that home. 

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Pale Elves—Glamfellen

(GLAHM-fel-len, “twilight dwellers,” Glamfellen)

It is unclear exactly how long ago the Glamfellen came to the southern polar regions of the world, but they have lived there for at least 12,000 years, based on their continuous contact with aumaua traders. They appear to be among the most stationary ethnic groups in the known world, migrating within the polar region but seldom venturing far north. They are rare in all northern lands, and most people consider them exotic (if they have seen one at all). Some linguistic similarities between the Glamfellen, Aedyran, and Hylspeak languages suggest that the Glamfellen elves lived in the Northern Hemisphere once long ago and probably broke off from the Sceltrfolc tribes.

• Features: Mid-width to narrow noses, heart-shaped or round faces. Almond, thin, hooded eyes with epicanthic folds and large irises. Mid-set eyes, wider spacing, weaker brows. Pointed ears, arched eyebrows.

• Skin: Extremely pale and translucent, ranging from snow white to fair. Their skin often lacks any warmth other than their faintly visible circulatory system.

• Hair: White, blond, strawberry blond. Straight, thin. Males can have facial hair.

• Eyes: Green, blue, gray, gold, red, violet, pink.


The White That Wends

This infertile expanse of cracked and shifting ice is home to the largest known settlement of pale elves in the world. Outcasts, adventurers, and explorers from other parts combine their resources to survive—or raid smaller settlements as needed. Survival across the Wend is dependent upon harnessing nontraditional hunting methods better suited to open plains and using a lack of visibility to one’s advantage. Sailing expeditions once hugged the Wend’s northern coast with hopes of charting a passage east. Too many ships spent seasons moored inland, only to be torn apart by unpredictable ice floes. Most explorers grudgingly decided that braving the Wend was no safer than braving the pirates and sea monsters of Deadfire. At least one group of Aedyrans never returned after their vessel froze in a developing ice field miles from shore. Whether they made peaceful contact with the Glamfellen, or succumbed to hazards of the environment, is unknown.


That's all I could gather. As someone already pointed this out... you can imagine their lifestyle similar to that of Sagani's tribe.

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Dukefx, just to clarify a bit and lend a hand, I can confirm that you can indeed sneak without turning them hostile (if the guards spot you, though...).


Also, there are ways to convince Glasvahl to let the spy from the Fangs go.



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