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Hello everyone,


I just recently started Pillars of Eternity and went for a mage on my first attempt. But you know how it goes, in a severe case of restartitis I decided to leave the character after having played the first few quests in Defiance Bay. (Mostly because I wasn't happy with how the character turned out role-playing wise. I really have the feeling I should play it with the conversation hints turned on, because being passionate is more a matter of tone than of what you're actually saying and I didn't actually want my character to be passionate.)


Anyway I settled on a melee cipher for my next attempt. Thing is for role-playing reasons I want to raise perception quite high (let's say 17 or 18) with might and intellect also being quite good (something between 14-16 with might probably being the higher one). Also I don't want to use dump stats (lowest possible attribute for me would be 8 or 9). Nevertheless I still want a character that can hold up in combat. So would a Perception/Might/Intellect Cipher be a viable option. Interrupt at least seems to me as it would also be an okay stat for a non-tank. If I put Constitution and Resolve on (let's say) 9, I also could still have an at least not abysmal Dexterity attribute.


So what are your thoughts? Could this be possible?

(Also: While I have played almost all classical party-based rpgs, I'm simply not that good a player. So answers like "this game is easy no matter what you do" are of no help for me :) )


Thank you guys a lot already! :thumbsup:


Edit: Last piece of information: Hearth Orlan slave

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Viable, definitely. But it is viable in spite of the Perception, not because of it.


Any idea if he will be ranged or melee, what weapons, what style? It can be relevant.


Definitely melee as stated in the title. ;)


For weapons and style I haven't settled on that yet. The character I have in my head would use fast weapons in a two weapon-style (because of cool looks), but that is something that's still negotiable. :)

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Actually I am lead to believe that Dex makes difference. It influences casting speed, less interrupts thus less need for Concentration, and recovery. With 2W style and fast attack taking the talent which allows for 2 Focus generation on hit, Mig could become dump stat contrary to what seems to be conventional wisdom. It also synergizes with high Interrupt rating.


Lets say focus generation is 1 Focus for every 3-4 points of damage. 2 Focus is then 6-8 point of damage. How much Mig is that?

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At the very least, drop Con to 8 and leave Resolve 10, but I would lower Con as far as you can stand it (given you said you don't want to use dump stats).  Con is almost useless for a cipher.  The biggest detriment to dumping Con is the Fortitude loss.  The Endurance difference at Lvl 11 between a 3 Con and 10 Con for a Cipher is 27 (103E vs 130E).  The Health difference is 109 (411 vs 520).  That's a pretty steep price to pay for 7 stat points.

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