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So I've been playing PoE on Path of the Damned on my channel, and I recently completed Raederic's Hold on Path of the Damned. Holy. God. Was it rough. I have to say, I'm really, really enjoying the combat and the necessity to prepare for every fight. That being said, the boss fight was omg difficult. There were something between 3-4 Champions (2 handed fighters with crazy DR and deflection), 2 Bodyguards (rogues), 1-2 Archers, 2 Priests, 2 Archmages, and Raedric himself (2 handed fighter again). It. was. brutal.


The strategy that eventually worked was backing into a room and spamming traps at the choke point. I think I need more magic in my party and less temporal DPS. The DR/deflection for mobs on PoD is extremely high, but magic protection seems to be a lot lower? Is that about right?


Anyways, I've been having this feeling of accomplishment for a bit now, and I wanted to share that feeling with you! A great, tough fight, and I'm glad I was able to pull it off! (note, I'll be uploading the episodes one at a time for my channel, so the boss fight will be up probably towards Friday)



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That fight is really easy :)

All you need is just get whole party to his bedroom, then pull em with any ranged dude from your party. Then while your party is in his bedroom killing those mages/knights and rest of his crew your tank(s) block doorway.

That's it.

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