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Hey guys,


I've just started on an RPG binge- gaming session today, and man, I've never been so nostalgic and impressed that Obsidian was able to get this off the ground running! Kudos!


Introductions aside, I'm trundling along the first few quests and sidequests (level 4 now, yay!), and I now have the opportunity to hire an "adventurer"? From what I tried, it seems that I can actually roll more than one of my own characters, rather than recruit the NPCs? Wow, I'm very impressed. Had I known about this earlier, I would have rolled up a rogue to accompany my wizard main!

One thing though, are the hireling adventurers permanent? And what's the point in hiring them if I can get NPCs?

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You can switch them out at inns - I have a rouge hireling I use when the story NPCs aren't up to the task and they are permanent.

But all in all you can level up the NPCs in a way so you don't need hirelings, it's just easier to make a specialized one.

Fortune favors the bald.

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As stated above, you can always swap characters at an inn. Yes, you can have a party completely comprised of hirelings. This helps you control all of your characters' stats as they level and you can build them how you want. OR you can stick with the story NPC's of which you can't customize their stats too much, however they do come with side quests and banter that gives them personalities and adds flavor to the game.


It really depends on what you want to get out of the game.


And yes, this game is amazing.

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