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Hey guys

Guys I've managed to descend to the bottom of the ruins in the stronghold and my game has reset itself.

Every quest I have done so far in the game as reset itself. At first i though this was just impossible so i tested the theory and tried visiting Maeworld ( The watcher you kill in the stronghold ) and it appears he is alive again.....  after this i  thought i'd visited the Guided Vale, even this was reset so i tried one final test and went straight to the beginning of the game where of course that has also reset.

I have provided a screen shot as proof it has reset.

Please tell me you can patch this or even somehow fix it. I hope i haven't spent 50 hours for no reason.



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Hey mate, i think personally what triggered it was going past level 13 of Caed Nua. Only because i traveled back to the town to rest before progressing then as i returned after hitting level 15 everything had reset.

I could be wrong but I'm not entirely sure what else it could be.

I don't even think a patch could possibly fix this, i just hope no one else makes the same mistake.

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I think something similar happened to me, I cleared Caed nua till level 6 or something and went to another place then stopped playing for few days.


Today when I came back to play few of my characters had lost items ( if I remember correctly they had lost the items are the ones I gained on last time I played ) and all had been reduced to be only few XP away from lvl 6 ( on the last time I played I had gained lvl 6 on all my chars except one. )


Well seems like I have to start over, both my tanks are missing armors and few others are missing weapons etc.  :banghead:

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Do you have everything double, like two Kanas?


You should totaly upload your save games here with Dropbox.

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