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Rogue still getting hit by attacks after using Escape/Shadowing beyond



These are issues that have been around since release. I'm not sure whether they're functioning as intended but regardless these issues decrease my sense of control over my rogue and satisfaction over controlling them properly(and they're very micro intensive).


These are:


1. Using Escape sometimes still lands you within the absurdly long engage distances of some enemies(Ogres, Phantoms have done this. Possibly other mobs too), such that you have no choice but to run straight back to them or get targeted by a disengage attack.


2. If you initiate Escape or Shadowing beyond after an enemy has begun their attack animation on you (i.e. their swing) your'e still getting hit even though intuitively you should have dodged/vanished out of sight. It's almost like enemy attacks home in on you.







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