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please show damage multiplier at combat log.

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I made my rogue attack who has 20 might ( 1.3 ) execptional pike (averge 27 dmg)


I expect him do average damage per hit before DR


27 * 1.3(might) * 1.2(reckless assault) * 1.15(two-handed fighting) * 1.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) * 1.5 (crit) = 116.2 damage


(1 + 0.3(might) * 0.2(reckless assault) * 0.15(two-handed fighting) * 0.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) * 0.5 (crit)) = 2.75

27 * 2.75  = 74.25 damage


But actullay my rogue did average 65 damage(before DR) per crit ( from 50 samples)


may be my sample is too small but I want to know my damage multiplier stacks properly. ( And I think there is more who want to know his damage multiplier)


If it is too difficult and messy, just show us final multiplier (item mod+might mod+modal mod+crit mod+sneak mod+etc)  it will be great help for me :)


Thank you.

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All damage multipliers are additive rather than multiplicative, and exceptional is just another damage multiplier. Also, the damage rating for your weapon takes your might and exceptional properties into consideration which is why you thought your average base damage was 27 before multipliers. Average base damage for a pike is 17.


(1 + .03(exceptional) + 0.3(might) + 0.2(reckless assault) + 0.15(two-handed fighting) + 0.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) + 0.5 (crit)) = 3.05
17 * 3.05  = 51.85 damage
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"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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Wait, so that means might is actually not that important in the long run? It's 3% damage increase per point at the start of the game but dwindles to something between 1-2% at the end?


Yup. It's actually one of the worst issues with the attribute system at the moment (that I should've realized and pointed out before now, but oh well) - Dex is actually better for DPS (probably) because it's effectively a multiplier on ALL your damage modifiers instead of just a piddly addition to them. It still makes you more susceptible to DR than Might does, but that's not a big deal as you start to stack up multipliers.


What really needs to happen is that Fine/Exceptional/Superb need to change the true base damage of the weapon instead of acting as additive multipliers. Essentially making them multiplicative with all others. Might should also become multiplicative with everything else - so your damage would be:


(Modified Base Damage from Quality) * (Might) * (All other multipliers added together). That would make Might at least somewhat significant late game while still mitigating the ludicrous multiplier stacking that was such a big problem in the Beta (before all multipliers were additive). As is, Might kinda sucks. And it isn't gonna get any better as we move into the sequels and the numbers keep getting bigger. Might will just be more and more overshadowed by Dex.

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sounds like a good suggestion to me (though i'm currently thinking about running a med-might melee dps now :yes:)


Do whatcha want. The discrepancy isn't massive in this game and it's not hard enough to force you to minmax anyway. I'm mostly concerned with future-proofing the mechanics - Might will become nearly useless in PoE 2 and beyond unless something is changed. 

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