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I was just having a discussion with my wife, after having some time to really sink my teeth into Pillars last weekend and this weekend, just how advanced is technology is some places of Eora? We have pistols, blunderbuss's and the arquebus which gives me real vibes of another really good RPG, Arcanum. As well as things like the monocle, which is just cheesy cool! 


But on topic, do we know how advanced some parts of the world are? Are we talking ships with cannons, steam power? Gliders? Or is the entire place in roughly the late middle ages? 

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Gunpowder: invented in China 9th century, traveled to Europe by 13th century. Cannons were one of the first applications.

Arquebus: initial use in 15th century, replacing the hand cannon, which lacked matchlock firing action.

Printing press: developed in Europe in 15th century (ca. 1450). 11th century in China. I note this because this technology is absent in Eora.

Pistol: 16th century (1540, France).


I'd say around 1500 CE is what they're going for, with some tech up to 100 years ahead, some up to 100 years behind.


Since the Rennaissance is generally considered 14th-17th centuries, and 1500 is the edge between 15th and 16th, a more proper term might be "middle Rennaissance." The independence of the Dyrwood (150 years before game start) and the decades of buildup towards it would most likely constitute the beginning of Eora's Rennaissance period, with animancers turning to Engwithan antiquity much as our world turned to ancient Greece. However, Eora's Rennaissance is not yet complete and is still likely centuries from completing.

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I would love to get a sneak peak at the distant future of Eora, when technology is as sophisticated as magic. Arcanum (for all its faults) is one of my favorite old rpgs. The clash between magic culture and tech culture is so much fun to explore. I fondly remember being discriminated against as a wizard seeking passage on the train...they made me sit in the back so my magic auras didn't inadvertently sabotage with the steam engine. Lol so awesome

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They have the technology level just where I like it. I'm always a bit iffy about having guns in my fantasy, but they have kept it to the fairly primitive stuff. I start rolling my eyes when someone wants to introduce revolvers and rifles to sword and sorcery fantasy. I am another arcanis player, and I think they did the right fit too. That said, I don't mind firearms in a setting that is post medieval/renissance. For example, witch hunter is set during the colonial ear. Guns are a thing, but not a lot of guys walking around in plate armor.

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