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How does everyone feel about unique abilities, either combat or non-combat, that only companion NPCs will have?

Let's face it, the companion NPC's are....meh...and, unless you want to role play and experience their stories, a created hireling is going to fare better in combat.


I think there should be incentives to make us WANT to favor playing a companion NPC over created hirelings. A perk, a special skill, a talent, etc. (something unique only to that companion)

What do you guys think?

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Well Eder get weapon focus ruffian for free if you take him at level 3.

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I enjoyed this approach a lot in Dragon Age 2. Been a while since I played ME 3 but I think NPCs got unique abilities in that as well.


Not only does it make gameplay more fun but it's also a cool narrative tool that informs us about the character. Kill two birds with one stone.

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unique abilities for joinable npcs?  sure.


better abilities for joinable nps?  definitely not.


have the joinables along for story reasons is more than enough motivation for many players.  if story enhancement is an insufficient benefit to you, then the option to create joinables is available already.  the problem, if it is a problem, already has a solution.


am much in favor o' giving jnpcs mechanical individualized enhancements that reflect their character and make 'em different than any stock npc we might create, but am believing it is a mistake to make the joinables better than created npcs.  have the joinables mere presence make the game easier is antithetical to developer goals and somewhat defeats the purpose o' the poe feature for adding custom jnpcs.


unique is good, but better is bad.


HA! Good Fun!

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Sounds nice.


NPC paladin have unique racial bonus.

NPC ranger have unique animal companion.

NPC druid have unique shapeshift form.

NPC chanter have unique AND ANNOYING sound fx for chants.



NPC priest should have +quarterstaff +arqebus talent instead of +sword +arqebus.


NPC fighter have free talent, but could be more interesting.


NPC wizard could have 3 wizard assaults, but x0.8 damage each.


NPC cipher could have free backlash talent (no one ever pick that one intentionally anyway).

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Yes,they are unqiue.But compare to powerful hirelings,that's obviously not enough.

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Here's a list with minimal spoilers on how the companions are unique in their own way.


1. The wizard companion's armor increases the AoE radius of abilities.

2. The fighter companion's armor revives the wearer 1/rest or 1/encounter (can't remember which).

3. The priest companion starts with an enchanted staff and an intriguing backstory.

4. The chanter companion starts with the first real gun in the game as well as a nice hat.

5. The ranger companion has a unique animal companion.

6. The cipher companion... Um... has a real interesting backstory?

7. The paladin companion is of a nonplayable race and paladin order.

8. The druid companion has a unique spiritform.

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