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Confusing item stats calculation



[Description of the issue]

When viewing a weapon's description window, stats are based not on the currently selected party member, but on the party member in whose inventory the weapon is.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Place a weapon in the inventory of one party member

2) Equip a weapon of the same class in another party member's quick slot.

3) Have the second party member selected in the inventory screen.

4) View the description of the weapon you placed in the first party member's inventory.

5) Click "Compare" in the description window.

6) Notice that the weapon is "compared" with base stats shown as if it was equipped on the character in whose inventory the weapon is


[Expected behaviour]

I expected the selected party member's skills would have been used as a base for calculating the minimum-maximum weapon damage.


A weapon's min-max damage should update according to which character is selected, not which character has the weapon in their inventory.


When people click "Compare" and a window pops up comparing to their currently selected character's weapon, they usually expect that the weapon being compared will also use base stats as if it was on the same character. In the current state of the game, the weapon being compared should be in the inventory of the same party member as the weapon it is being compared to.


[Other remarks / Comments]

The "Resolution" sabre is in Eder's inventory, but although I'm comparing it to my character's sabre, Resolution uses Eder's base stats to calculate the damage - 17-25 instead of 18-27.



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