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Went to woods before the quest, now I can't leave.

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Hi, I got really frustrated yesterday.


I accidentally ran into the woods. I don't recall how exactly I ended up there, but I did. This is before the quest to go to Canada.


Now I can't seem to leave.


The only ways out are Canada, which I can't yet enter or the farm, which is blocked by a rat-pack which for the life of me I can't fart on.


I'm stuck....I can't get out and had to effectively restart the game unless you can help me.

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It's been awhile since I've played, but I seem to remember some rule of thumb being that when you become stuck in the woods, just keep heading down until you reach one of the exits. There should be more than the two ways out that you mentioned and I think there's even a scene that will eventually take place where the parents come into the woods and find you, telling you to get home, which then removes you from the area. 


Found this on a wiki for the game:


To get out of the Lost Forest without getting grounded, follow this path:DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN (GO SOUTH 4 times).

If you want to get grounded (why would you?), go into the Lost Forest and don't move for a couple of minutes. Walk into any direction one more time and your parents will ground you for getting lost. You'll get sent back to South Park.

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Yeah I read that too.


But it only seem to apply if you've triggered the "go to Canada" Quest.


And even after running around for almost an hours, there's only two exists. Canada, which I cannot yet enter and the farm......but coming from the top I simply cannot fart the rats away.


I've ended up having to restart the game.


This seriously sucks.

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You should be fine as long as you keep going south, regardless if it's time for the O Canada quest.

You see, ever since the whole Doritos Locos Tacos thing, Taco Bell thinks they can do whatever they want.

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