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I'd use context, personally.

Of course, and like I said this is a relatively small problem :)


But the problem extends beyond this website where the context is clear...


You must be hanging out on bluesnews ;)


I think this ship has sailed friend, too late now.



As a bluesnews reader and commenter... I think you should know that I read that comment there and since then write poet or pillars ;) So the ship might have sailed, but we can still sink it ;p


And to be fair, it IS really confusing, because in my mind PoE is Path of Exile. And Pillars.. is Pillars but since poet is shorter... ^^

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Context is enough. There are many shared acronyms all over the place. Since PoE is a recently released game and the content is fairly easy to attribute uniquely to the game it's never caused any confusion in the many places I've used it.

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Never played Path of Exile and likely never will. One PoE is an RPG, the other PoE is an action arcade game. Other than the fact that they are both computer games, I don't see how you would get the two confused. That's like confusing The Great Gatsby with a Superman comic book, since technically they are both "books".

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Let's call it pill. What could go wrong?

"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



Is your mom hot? It may explain why guys were following her ?

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