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I found a new way to fix the Rogue's Reckless Assault Stacking Bug



My Method (tested on the beta patch, should still work on patch 1.03 because 1.04 did nothing with this ability).


Basic gist of the method: Save the game when you have it off, load it, turn it on again-save it, load it, rinse and repeat till it fixes (i.e. save the game when the all of the effects are gone in your char. sheet).

  1. Turn ON Reckless Assault
  2. Save the game
  3. Load the game
  4. Turned OFF Reckless Assault
  5. Save the Game
  6. Load the Game
  7. Turned ON Reckless Assault AGAIN (check your character sheet, you should STILL see the duplicate suppressive effects of the ability whenever you turn it back on)
  8. Save the game
  9. Load the game
  10. Turn OFF Reckless Assault (turn off the ability, but ALSO check if the duplicate effects go away in your char. sheet. Turning it on will make them ALL appear. Turn it off, it should go away. This is when you need to save (with it off).
  11. Save the Game
  12. Load the Game
  13. Success: No more stacking of the ability.


I just messed around with the method suggested by the devs. 

As you can see, what I did was turning the ability on, saving/loading. Turning it off, saving/loading, and it worked after that. So the order is a bit different. You will know it will be fixed when after loading the save, check by turning the ability on. ALL of the suppressive effects you see stacked will appear in your character sheet. Turning it off will make them ALL go away. THIS is when you need to save your game. Load it. And walla, fixed ability. 


I might be able to make a video about this to demonstrate as I have the old save with the bug.


Developer Suggested Method:


1. Load your most recent save game.

2. Turn off Reckless Assault.

3. Save the game.

4. Load the game.

5. Turn on Reckless Assault.

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that did the trick.   saved us a couple dozen hours o' replay.




HA! Good Fun!

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