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Why won't blood pool let me sacrifice a non-story character?

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I see a lot of whining about the non optimized companions, but think about how life evolves, and they actually make tons of sense. Unless Pel knew she wanted to be a Paladin since birth and was born with optimal genetics for that role, what are the chances she will end up as super paladin? Zeroish.


I only played Normal, but it worked well with them, other than the Adra Dragon, 12 attempts, and a reload for a kind of exploity tactic later, it worked.


Playing on any other difficulty might be hard, but aren't those supposed to be hard?


I didn't even know you could sacrifice companions, since I can't RP evil, I didn't notice.

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To get the option to sacrifice one of your companions you need CRUEL reputation.  Since I have never  played a cruel character I have never gotten that option.

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 I have but one enemy: myself  - Drow saying



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Specifically, you need Cruel 1. If you're looking to perform the sacrifice for as many powerups as possible, you can get the requisite Cruelty without much difficulty while nabbing Gift from the Machine at Heritage Hill.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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^^ dang, that is a bit excessive for a minor buff!

But better than actually keeping the companion around. So... win-win.


Given how crap the companions are, sacrificing a tavern-generated companion would actually be a real sacrifice in comparison.



What? That doesn't make any sense. Why would you give two ****s about a tavern companion?


They don't have any dialog or story. They're completely interchangeable and entirely meaningless. It's just a gold cost, really. Named companions are each unique and and entirely irreplaceable. When they die it actually makes a difference.

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Wow it is impressive that there is something like this in game... good writting.

However it is hard to imagine sacrifizing story companions, the part of fun is to take what is given and see what can be done with them, and everything can be.

Missing all this little talks... not worth stat boost.

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petrivanzyl, on 12 Apr 2015 - 12:09 PM, said:


Aron Times, on 09 Apr 2015 - 1:50 PM, said:

...when you kill him. Her. It. Whatever One of Many is



But One of Many is singular! And it was referred in the dialogues as "it".

*throws smoke bombs in the thread and vanishes into the dark corners of the forums*

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