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[Exploit/Bug] Infinite money in recursive dialogue



Hey there,


I don't know the exact rules regarding exploits, but since it's a singleplayer game I think it's alright to post them here. If not, moderators know what to do :)



After having collected the remains during the Buried Secrets quest, and upon returning to Wirtan, it's possible to get in a dialogue loop that keeps on giving money (and I assume but haven't checked-- Aggressive disposition).


Link to images showing how it's done: http://imgur.com/a/gPo3C


- Select "I found more than bones"

- Select "[Might 15] [Lift Wirtan off his feet] I will crack your head in two if you lie to me again. [Aggressive]"

- Select "Throw the remains at his feet"

- Select "Fine, keep your silence. I want my payment."

- Select "I found more than bones"-- and repeat.



Love the game!

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