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Barbarian blooded/fighting spirit doesn't work





I noticed recently that blooded doesn't seem to activate on my barbarian when I drop below 50% endurance both with and without frenzy.


I have a lvl 7 human barbarian with the following abilities and talents:



Brute Force


Fighting spirit


Savage Defiance

Greater Frenzy

Savage Attack

Two-Handed Style


Whenever I drop below 50% endurance with or without frenzy/Savage attack active I receive no bonuses to my damage and the the portrait doesn't display any of them as active. The combat log however notifies that Fighting spirit activates but the character sheet or portrait displays nothing about my barbarian having these buffs currently active. 


The issue can't be about overlapping ability/stats either because I am receiving no buffs whatsoever from any of these when my endurance drops below half, 


Can anyone explain?

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Check my post in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74862-bug-barbarian-blooded-skill-does-not-work/


For me Blooded activates at the beginning of fight instead of 50% Endurace. Which is just UI bug becasue it actives below 50% (you can hear your bard shout when it does).


Seems like Blooded works (I have it in active effects) however information shown to player when it triggers and how much damage it provides seems to be bugged.

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