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Disclaimer : I know that Stronghold shouldnt even be in game.It was thanks to massive support on kickstarter.That doesnt mean its should be lifeless.

So, i just repaired everything i could in my stronghold (and descend about 8 lvls in endless path).When i travel to it, i expect something.A cutscene, event, or even few lines...Nothing

I realy hoped i could customized the look of stronghold, its halls.I hoped that Library, prison or lab will be interactive.I realy looked foward  some personal chamber where i could stash all my special weapons etc..

Atacks on my keep are futile, only serve as anoyance because i had to re-hire my hirelings.Even if i defend it myself, they are all dead.Wardens bounties are challenging, nothing else.Only good thing is random creature parts and plants for my enchanting.

How can i enjoy my stronghold more?Will there be any change in course of story (im 9 lvl)?What do you do in your stronghold?

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I too wish there was more interaction with it. I upgraded everything as well, was hoping it would be like NWN2 where random encounters would be presented to you and you get to make some kind of decision that affects your stronghold / rep - or if you actually saw trade coming through the stronghold after you restore  the shops - so many things, maybe they will flesh it out more in a patch /expansion

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