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Unlimited XP Bug



So I planed on making my own personal post about this topic, since i did not see anyone else having this problem on these forums. But google directed me to a fellow on Reddit that has had the same issue, but was unable to post it here.  His link is here http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31ccgp/bug_getting_unlimited_xp_after_completing_the/

Essentially the cause seems unknown since, when mine started and his and everyone that commented all appeared at different times and places without much in common. But after performing some? action and completing a quest afterwards in that save or in some cases picking a lock you get exp but you get it continually without stopping(screenshots in the link), in my case it gives the xp to the first person in your 6 man line up. If you move the portraits it starts giving the unlimited xp whomever is in the first slot and none of the others. 

With that it sounds similar to that stat boost bug, as in its like a cheat that gives xp only you dont even get to play the game that way because the exp never stops, it prevents you from saving your game and when you try to switch zones the screen goes black and crashes.

Any saves that has the bug is unplayable, unfortunately in my case all 3 of my saves have the bug since they are all around the same time frame, but in the Reddit post someone was able to load a old save and could play again without problems, which is good but in my case and anyone in a similar case we aren't able to play the game until it is fixed without making a new character.

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